What is Save the Kids?


We are a youth-led, non-profit organization that aims to help displaced and disadvantaged Filipino kids find their path towards a brighter future.


Our mission is:

  • To EMPOWER kids by introducing to them sustainable livelihood projects, to enable them to help themselves;
  • To aid these kids in redeeming their self-worth and UPLIFTing their morale through counseling and rehabilitation activities;
  • To create fundraising activities to finance our projects; and,
  • To promote awareness and EDUCATE the youth about modern day issues, and how they can best navigate, given their situations.

We partner with government agencies, NGOs and other organizations in order to create and pursue this mission.

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Our Program


The long path to recovery entails equipping these kids with the necessary tools to recover from the difficulties they have faced.


To address this, we came up with the S.A.V.E. Program - a four-pronged approach towards the kids going through the rehabilitation process.


We will explore various activities such as:


Art therapy


Educational Activities


This program is ideally implemented at each carefully-chosen location.


Our end goal is to SAVE 10,000 kids and help them build a better future.



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Our Affiliates & Projects

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Save the Girls PH





Current & Future


Tulong Kits

Sagip-Sulong 101 (Pangkabuhayan Projects)

Damit Drive

The LIBRE-Ry Project



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